An unique creation

The unique creation of El Faro Beach Hotel, which opened its doors to the public on April 08th, 2014 was a huge step forward in the Eco-friendly approach to hotel construction.

Manuel Antonio's El Faro Beach Hotel has become Costa Rica's first and only exclusive hotel which is made entirely of reused shipping containers. These containers which were used in the construction began their journey in a faraway Port, destined for worldwide transportation on the 7 seas. Individually they found their way to the Costa Rican port of Limon, in the Caribbean Sea where they were ear marked for scrap after 15 years of service to the shipping industry. Seen as nothing more than a collection of unnecessary waste and garbage, with a little bit of vision and creation, these bent and buckled boxes were transformed into El Faro Beach Hotel.  

Compared to other hotel projects with a similar number of rooms, the entire construction time was actually 35% faster and was brought to a completion after managing to save upwards of 80% in the amount of concrete and water which would have otherwise been used. This in addition to producing only a fraction of typical construction waste has resulted in what may be one of the most famous eco-friendly hotels in all of Costa Rica.

Here you will enjoy all the comforts of a luxury hotel while at the same time encouraging and promoting the implementation of true eco sustainability.

This collection of authentic shipping containers have been stylishly transformed into an extremely unique eco-friendly hotel, each room with its own private balconyy and all with a truly unparalleled view. What used to be a simple collection of ordinary shipping containers has now been elegantly reconstructed and creatively revamped into a truly stylish adaptation of what would have been nothing more than just another cookie cutter high end hotel. 

The hotel offers 50 individual rooms, each is a carefully revamped container carrying its own specific style and design, providing five distinctive categories. This unusual, environmentally friendly composition has provided a rare, one of a kind demonstration of true creativity all of which helps reveal just how mankind can work with true ingenuity in providing and supporting an eco-friendlier lifestyle. El Faro Beach Hotel has its own exclusive location, right on the hillside next to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park.


Clients Review

At first sight we weren’t too happy about the hotel - it looks very reduced one could say... but we began to like it, since it’s very stylish in a way - the hotel is completely built by recycled shipping containers!
All rooms, the pool, the balconies... this makes it pretty unique!
Of course they could have worked with more indirect light, but what makes up for that missing interior design is the outside shell and the staff. Very very friendly.
Bell boys, receptionists, cleaning ladies, maintainers, are overwhelmingly nice.

Container hotel in the jungle - turned out great!
March 9, 2018

I spent a lot of time researching hotels in the Manuel Antonio area for our first trip to this beautiful area in Costa Rica. After much consternation over where to stay (even what room in the hotel itself), we finally settled on an ocean view Deluxe room at the El Faro and were happy with our choice. Yes - as many reviewers said, the hotel rooms built with cargo containers are small but very manageable. There are two sizes of rooms and we opted for the 30 square meters as opposed to 15 square meters room. We are here for 8 days so wanted to be comfortable and to take advantage of the wonderful ocean view from the room - very nice to wake up to!

Delightful stay & wonferful people
April 29, 2018

My wife and I spent two nights here during a larger trip in Costa Rica. The rooms were small but we didn't come to Manuel Antonio to stay inside and it more than met our needs (mostly watching the NFL playoffs). The breakfast each morning was filling and we also enjoyed dinner there one evening. The location is great for getting up early and beating the rush into Manuel Antonio. The tickets are sold just steps from the entrance. We would recommend El Faro to our friends and family visiting the park.
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Great view!
Reviewed January 20, 2018